Often construed by the world as the same thing, the Honor Based know that fear, respect, and Honor are entirely different. And in that difference lay all the power.

Regardless of the resitstance and challanges we face, Honor is the foundation upon which you anchor and weather any storm.

Regardless of those who malign, demean, dismiss, and debase, Honor is the foundation upon which you stand and look anyone straight in the eye.

Regardless of the power and ferocity of those who conspire to make us slaves, Honor provides the traction to grip and defend your freedom.

Regardless of those who live to flatter, manipulate, and coerce, iHonor is the power to recognize and pursue one's calling and purpose.

Honor allows us to bravely embrace real joy, and celebrates the vulnerability inherit in sharing that joy with others.

Honor allows us to exercise the benevolent aspects of respect and fear, and be not victims of either.

Authentic Honor provides the power to really live.  The  drive to live to our fullest potential.

With holding authentic Honor we are free to love and laugh, free to become our best self. Free to act, not be acted upon.